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    Just bought a few parts off a European parts sales in the good ole US of A. They are located in Colorado. Very good prices, and good quality gear. The only thing that annoyed me with the experience was Australia Post. I went for standard shipping. From pick up to arrival in Sydney Australia, it took 3 days by USPS. Then it took a further 8 days for it to be 'received' by Aust. Post. Finally after another 4 days my package arrived in Brisbane at my address. If only Aust. Post was a 3 day or less affair.....

    Anywho, this is what I ordered and paid in $US.
    1 heater hose: $24.06
    1 brake light switch: $10.56
    8 Fuel inj seals: 0.68/ea
    1 Fuel filter (4 post): $37.50
    1 Ignition switch: $9.73

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    Thanks for sharing.
    Did you use Shopmate?
    Virtual Mailbox in Denver, Colorado.
    I got cheaper shipping when I got parts from U.S. suppliers sent to my US Maibox first, then International Freight was quoted to me, based on pack dimensions and weight.

    It would be handy, if there could be a nice "sticky" list of suppliers ... both local and overseas.

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