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Thread: This is an interesting read... Thoughts?

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    Default This is an interesting read... Thoughts?

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    Not a review in the traditional sense, more of a company review and a dig at some auto journalist I don't know!

    Some of the futurist comments were interesting. The American brands, in consistently dragging behind the rest of the world in automotive design and technology, are being caught with their pants down. The Europeans will catch up, so will the Japanese.
    The fact that internal combustion is nearing the end of its development is a given. Electric drive trains are more efficient, fact. Batteries aren't, but they're getting better.
    Anyone not making electric cars in 20 years time will die out, including Alex Roy's beloved Morgan.
    But it's not all doom and gloom. Jaguar has recently developed a modular electric car conversion kit can fit in any chassis which used the XK engine - so that's Mk1 Mk2, S-Type, E-Type, Mk10, XJ6 (mk 1, 2 & 3), XJS and their Daimler equivalents. No chassis modifications and completely reversible.
    Apply that to a generic modular kit and any car can be EV converted.

    His final comments about the Model 3 being the 'End of the beginning' is true for Tesla, but I don't agree with it in general.
    As the first mass market affordable electric car (Model S and X are firmly in the luxury sector) that isn't a pathetic undesirable waste of resources (G-Wiz anyone?), it is absolutely the beginning of the end.
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    Maybe a bit off topic but with 6-7 hours on the train in Norway, nothing to loose.

    Re the electric car postulations, here in Norway the take up rate is 30-40% of new cars being electric. No chance of that happening in Australia in my humble opinion.

    Currently our motoring energy is spread between petrol, diesel, LPG and a small dose of electric. Our Pollies are busy telling us that our electricity supply is on the limit and we need to use coal to bridge the gap. If we adopt the electric concept, the energy value of all the petrol, gas, diesel etc we use will need to added to the electricity baseload. Far fetched if we are to believe what we are currently being told.

    Finally of course, we will need to have another nation building project like NBN to get recharging stations placed throughout Australia to enable anyone not in a big city to drive anywhere.

    I'm not holding my breath!
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    Traditional manufacturers don’t want to sell electric cars... that’s why they make them look like total ****.
    The modal 3 looks great and from what I’ve seen in reviews, is a good car.
    There is clearly a big effort by some to try and make Tesla fail. If it does then that’ll be more ammo for the “see, electric cars didn’t work” crowd.

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    One thing most people miss is that Tesla is a power company that makes cars, not the other way around. They are creating a desirable product to fuel sales of batteries and other energy products. They will even be selling the electricity at the supercharging stations.

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