Unreal, Wifey gets a phone call from her Audi Dealership today to ask does she want to be the guest of Audi in the Audi VIP Marquee at Flemington on Oaks Day.
"Does the sun rise in the morniing"?....Of course the answer is a massive "Yes"!....So tomorrow she gets picked up by taxi to spend the day in the Audi Marquee, after which a taxi will bring her home,....awesome treatment by Audi,.....she's already had a Lady's Drive Day & lunch at Lake House Daylesford, a Sandown Drive Day, & now this!
Wifey loves bubbly, so she's sure to have a great day, just hope her betting choices are better than when we attended the Wycheproof Cup last W.E., which to say the least, was not "successful", betting wise that is.....great W.E. apart from that!