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Thread: Audi Connect problem

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    Default Audi Connect problem

    Hi All, looking for some help with Audi Connect in my 2016 SQ5. I cannot get my Optus SIM to show any data connection. Yet a Telstra and a Vodafone SIM both show data connection. I spent 45 mins on the phone to Optus Tech Support and their only suggestion was to change the APN to "connect" rather than "internet", but this hasnt worked. I'd appreciate if anyone can offer a solution.

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    I am trolling site for the exact same issue as you mate.... Optus data only sim not connecting.... tried optus support same outcome...

    judging from the silence to this thread (ZERO REPLIES TO DATE) we are both out of luck... unless some one out here has been down this path and knows of a workaround.

    My preferance is to stay with OPTUS SIM due to data pool share that I have.

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    I use a Telstra SIM in my S6 and don’t have any issues accessing the Google Earth and Audi Connect features.

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    Ok. This sounds like a frequency issue.

    Iíll preface this with this is all from dim memory as I had this issue a couple of years back.

    I have an MY13 A6 with a 3G+ MMI so no 4G for me. 3G still worked fine for Audi Connect and google maps as well as stream video from the dash cam.

    The issue for me was Telstra changing the frequencies that it used for 3G. One day the data was fine, the next day it wasnít. What was infuriating was that I could get data sometimes on the drive to work but at home it was zero.

    With a bit of research it turned out that Telstra were progressively abandoning one of their 3G frequencies and transferring it to the 4G spectrum. As I couldnít pick up 4G I was just losing data completely. I had to change the modem within the MMI to one which was designed for the remaining 3G frequency and itís been fine since.

    Here are the frequencies in use as of Feb18.

    These frequencies are changing all the time as parts of the spectrum are bought and sold so there may be a more up to date list out there.

    The symptoms youíre describing sound a lot like the issues I was having a few years ago. Call your provider and see if they have dropped a frequency band recently.

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