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Thread: After a looong time...I'm back! So is my car... 😧

  1. Default After a looong time...I'm back! So is my car... 😧

    1994 Audi 80 v6 2.6e been sitting for, oh, maybe a year? The battery went flat. Only recently had funds to purchase a new one. Put said new battery in to vehicle. Turned over. Nothing. Almost caught and started, but nope. Not playing. I've done a fault code fault scan - only results from that is the airbag says supply voltage B+ sporadic signal too low, and Auto HVAC supply voltage B+ static signal too low. Everything else is hunky dory according to the fault code diagnostics. Plugs are ok, as far as I can tell. Plenty of fuel, oil etc. Anyone had this problem? Any ideas on what to try/look for? I'm stumped, and the last resort is to get a mobile mechanic to look at it.
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    After sitting that long could be a couple of things.
    I'm leaning towards a fuel problem such as off fuel (if fuel sits for prolonged periods without agitation the more volatile elements leach off and evaporate and leave the fuel in a poor state that doesn't burn as well), a clogged filter or gummed up injectors.

    Also check the spark, as the 2.6 coil packs aren't the last word in reliability (though they're not too bad).

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    Thanks mate. Appreciate the advice. Got new plugs and leads on order. Have to go over the fuel lines and check everything. It's also got a short (fuse 4) somewhere in the dash, which is going to be fun to diagnose and repair! Thanks again. Oh, and I've put fresh fuel in it
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    fuel pump would be the first place that I would start to look... Does it 'tick over' when you turn on the car (and not crank)?

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    It cranks. Not ticking. Just won't catch. Almost did. Once...then no dice. I've replaced the battery, plugs and leads. And yes, the fuel pump is my next mission. Although finding out *exactly* where it's at is another thing. Is it in the tank or elsewhere? And if it's in the tank, how do I get at it?

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    Well, I found the fuel pump today! It's in the boot, if anyone else has need to know 😉
    Anyways, I now know what to replace and where. Just the elusive crank position sensor, can't seem to find it. Was crawling around underneath it today givinf it a thorough clean and look underneath with a flashlight 🔦 and a can of degreaser (burns the eyes a little!) But don't know where that sensor is? I'm getting my pc out of storage later, got elsawin on it so I'm going to crawl around in there!

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