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Thread: Rockersteady Track car build

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    nice vid on the track mate... Where's the heel and toe'ing!!!

    Love watching the guy in front of you, especially at the fish hook with no ABS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockersteady View Post
    Going to build a track car, got a ton of parts lying built engines/ gear boxes fuel pumps ...around and a few cars not being used too.
    Just about to order an EFR 8374 to strap on to a Full race twin scroll manifold I have lying around.
    Events will likely be some hill climbs/ time attack and occasional drag.

    In case you are wondering- it will be a B5 quattro, and it will be tuned on the factory ecu as I want to control the throttle and not let the ecu think about closing it on me. Think I might need a custom 100mm dia maf for this... Oh and E85 of course- lots of it

    Well That was 6th Jan 2018, its been installed, I had an entry in Aus Time Attack for today (July 24th 2021) but that's been cancelled of course...
    20210704_192106.jpg 20210704_192542.jpg 20210708_194139.jpg 20210708_194152.jpg IMG_0766.jpg IMG_0791.jpg

    Plenty of time now to get the limited aero allowed in Clubsprit class figured out- aero is quite a involved undertaking and its taken a lot of research to get to the point of my decided approach and then to start getting that on the car and then some track time to take pressure measurements, Aero includes the front bumper and hood modifications to get the airflow to the new front mount intercooler by letting the engine compartment be a low pressure zone so that air is "sucked" into the front coolers, rather then rely on air pressure on front trying to find its way in.

    meantime an aural sample of whats to come here...
    '99 Quattro, stroked 2L
    Concept, tune and build by QMS
    EFR 6758, Bosch 1000cc, E85 @7bar, Bosch 413 in 034 surge tank. VVT cam timing upgrade. Controls by Eurodyne boost manager, V8 MAF, LC1, EGT. JE 9:1, 13kg 2L Crank, 475gm rods, Ferrea , Dowel pin crank, IE tensioner, 034 Pheno Spacer, FX400 240mm x6, Apikol SMIC, Miltek 2.75 Koni coils, Stoptech BB, Powerslot Rear, SS lines, 034 G/b, Apikol Diff mounts, APR snub mount.

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    Love it. Good to see the 1.8 still kickin'. One day we'll get to come and cheer you on.
    C5 RS6: Sportec, Milltek & Wagner -- B5 RS4 : tastefully modified -- Audi 1.8 quattro 132 Kw -- UNIMOG 404 TLF8

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