I am selling my 1997 A8 3.7L travelled 210,000 kms in good condition along with near new parts from the 1998 A8 4.2 Audi training car which had travelled just 3200 kms. My 3.7 has had the auto reconditioned just 20K ago and was registered until Sept 2017 , it runs well. The front bumper is cracked at the drivers side; the complete front end arms have been replaced and the front struts are new BOGE. It's the only 3.7L with Bose stereo. The parts from the 4.2L which are included with the car includes
Steering wheel with airbag
Ignition switch with key
Power steering pump
Air conditioning compressor
Air conditioning condenser
Radiator hoses
Complete intake manifold with injectors, knock sensors
Knock sensors
Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Front mudguards
Two doors
Rear truck lid
Sunroof motor
some 10 ignition packs
Bose radio + CD changer
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