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Thread: New member looking for information / help with SQ5

  1. Default New member looking for information / help with SQ5

    Hi All,

    My name is Chris and I literally signed up to OzAudi earlier this morning. Being a brand new member, I thought I'd just give a quick intro.

    I come from owning a line of Japanese vehicles and due to me getting engaged and purchasing a property that is further away from work, I have sold my car and looking at moving into a euro SUV and the SQ5 is high on my list. The last car I owned was a 2013 Evo X that is about 260kw atw so I thought I would get something that is bigger, better on fuel whilst retaining some of the power.

    I have a few questions and queries I'm hoping someone can help me with.

    - Being in Vic, I haven't seen many used SQ5s that fit into my budget of $55-60k. I'm currently looking interstate in Brissy, NSW etc and was wondering if anyone could suggest reputable places that can perform a pre-purchase inspection.

    - Do the older models of SQ5 suffer from any known issues ? Drivetrain, gearbox etc ?

    - Has there been many recalls for SQ5s of 2013-2014 ?

    - How is pricey is maintenance ? I know its a "how long is a piece of string" type question but any sort of information would be great.

    - Are there significant updates between 2013 and 2016 models ?

    Thank you all and I hope to get into an SQ5 in the coming weeks.


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    Hi Chris,check your private messages mate and ring me.

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    Default New member looking for information / help with SQ5

    I have a 2014 SQ5. No recalls on mine that I can remember.

    I havenít had any major issues with mine, just a few rattles that seem to have been fixed.

    My local dealer when doing a service, said that my front brake rotors were rattling. Replaced under warranty. I didnít even know they were rattling.

    As far as maintenance goes, services are reasonably expensive. My recent 60,000km service was just over $1200. Normal service, without unscheduled items.

    I was told though, that in the next 10-15,000km I will need rear brake pads & rotors ($1100). I assume fronts will be more expensive. I am not sure what, if any aftermarket options are available.

    The only other thing I know of, is the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), that if it fails & needs replacing, is about $6000. There is another topic on this that another SQ5 owner is currently having.

    Outside of that, I love the car, and really enjoy driving it. This has relegated my HSV GTS to a garage queen now, only getting out occasionally.

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    Thanks for the reply. I have spoken to Morrie and he's given me a fair bit of info on the car.

    One another important thing for me is the width of the car with the mirrors.

    I have a double garage but it unfortunately comes with a brick pillar in the middle of the entrance to the garage.

    Does anyone have width measurements with and without the mirrors folder ?

    I had a look at Carsales but I think the width is from panel to panel not including mirrors ?

    Are the measurements for the Q5 and SQ5 exactly the same ?

    I found another thread saying that a Q5 is 2089mm with the mirrors, would anyone be kind enough to take some measurements for me ?

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    you can find this with a google search, as I was recently looking up the Q5 width. There are the official schematics which will give you the width, mirror to mirror.

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    Hopefully these may help out.

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    Thanks for the pic. Definitely helps to confirm the width. 2089 it is. Now to measure the garage width.

    I checked insurance today. Premium is still pretty hefty.

    Quoted 1.5k for full comp.

    Friend bought a brand new Merc GLC 250 and he's only paying $800.

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    $1800 for mine this year, comprehensive, 50 yo driver, good clean history, 65% no claim, $650 excess

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