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Thread: Timing Chain Tensioner - Potential Failure

  1. Default Timing Chain Tensioner - Potential Failure


    Has anyone experienced the Timing Chain Tensioner failure on their 2.0TFSI engine?
    Has Audi AU helped with covering some/all of the repair costs (which could be quite substantial if a new engine is required).
    This failure has been clearly documented overseas and is just a matter of time before affected engines fail.
    VAG is keeping this quiet (as expected) and not proactively engaging with their customers to prevent the failure in the first place.

    I suspect our cars are nearing the mileage where we will start to see many of these failures on 2.0TFSI engines built from 2009 to 2012, this is across the entire VAG group of cars using this series of engine.

    I have an 2009 A5 2.0TFSI and considering changing the tensioner as a proactive measure prior to the potential catastrophic engine damage that may be caused.
    Just waiting on a quote from the local Audi service centre.

  2. Default Potential Class Action - Shine Lawyers

    Shine Lawyers were on the news last night (Channel 7 Sydney) discussing the catastrophic engine failures due to the timing chain tensioner failure.

    They are investigating the potential for a class action against VW and Audi.

    For those owners that are impacted, please consider registering your interest below:

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    With the 2009 to 2012 engine, you'll need new rings before 100,000ks due to excessive oil consumption, if that doesn't get you the Maechatronics unit on the DSG gear box should. The the timing chain is the least of your problems. I must say Audi were very helpful fixing the other two problems I mentioned for no charge although my car was out of warranty.
    The new generation 2.0TFSI in the B9 model has been problem free so far and it hasn't used a drop of oil in nearly 40,000ks.
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  4. Default Just settled in the USA!

    "UPDATE: On May 14, 2018, Volkswagen agreed to a settlement that would end a multidistrict litigation claiming that many vehicles’ engines have a timing chain tensioner that’s defective. Volkswagen will cover up to $6,500 in engine repairs and $2,000 in timing chain system repairs to putative Class Members."

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    was unaware of this, have registered

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    Just FYI, i recently got changed on a GTI as preventative. Didn’t cost me much. ~500 including changing engine oil. This is in Melbourne. It’s for piece of mind.

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