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Thread: Audi Warranty repair experiences

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    Hi Folks,

    Curious to see what other experiences people on the forum have had with their warranty repairs.

    My baby is now hitting it's 4th week in Service following ignition issues, and I am still no closer to a resolution than when I dropped it off.

    Not the best experience for a car I have owned for only 5 weeks prior to it going into service.

    Really interested in other people's perspectives on what you believe is a fair amount of time before taking it further than Audi, and personal experiences.


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    Sorry to hear about your car woes, is it a new car or second hand? If they can't fix it in a day or two they should consult one of the Audi experts through Audi Australia. If it's a new car I'd be on the phone to Audi Australia and they will sort it out.
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    It is a MY17 demonstrator which had 2000 KMs on it bought December last year.

    Audi Australia are now involved, but currently all I'm getting is we still don't know what the problem is. Call you back in 3 days.

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