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Thread: D-Day for diesel: German cities could ban certain cars

  1. Default D-Day for diesel: German cities could ban certain cars

    An interesting story on the impact of city-centric German air quality standards on diesel-engined vehicles:

    D-Day for diesel: German cities could ban certain cars

    "Several cities around the world including Paris, Athens, Mexico City and Madrid have canvassed plans to ban all diesel vehicles – including new examples - from urban centres by 2025."
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    Been coming for a while. I usually use a Diesel when in Germany and have to get an Umwelt Plakat every year. Once the authorities realized that the Diesel particulate issue has some health effects, the writing was on the wall. Started in my view because too many jumped on the Diesel is the solution band-wagon back when before they discovered that there were other emissions that they hadn't even considered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IchBautAuto View Post
    Umwelt Plakat
    Hi Tony - From the literal translation provided by Mr Google, is that some kind of environmental declaration sticker or placard, or some kind of declaration about acknowledging diesels shortcomings when hiring?

    On a tangential note, it's going to be interesting to see where emissions go in covered railway stations. I know that locos sit idling under the roof at Southern Cross in Melbourne and the joint stinks of diesel fumes. The private company that runs the station refuses to acknowledge there's a problem despite the closure of the original food court (now a Woolworths Metro) due to lack of patronage (because it stank) and a meriod of complaints... "Our fancy shmancy wavy roof is designed to create airflow" (no it doesn't).
    Same goes for other undercover stations with inadequate ventilation - New Street in Birmingham England comes to mind too, and the Pomms are red hot on to this issue at the moment.

    I believe coach drivers are supposed to shut down their engines when parked in undercover bus termini now?

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    Without digging to far into my photos, this is the 2013 Umwelt Plakat at the top right of the screen. It is issued by TUV (NRMA equivalent) to certify that the car meets certain emission requirements. Cat 1 - 4. You need to have a certain Cat to pass into the designated emissions zones for a specific city.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a web picture of an older one showing the category and the year.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All pretty normal once you get your head around it.
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