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    good evening Forumers, hoping to lean on the collective knowledge bank to help with some options for me.

    My 2011 Q7 (2.0 TD) is currently in with Audi for service, after limp mode activated and EMS warning light.

    They have now advise me that all fuel injectors need replacing, and am looking at a $10k bill. Do i have any options here? Audi say the cost per fuel injector is $1500, can i take my car to a different mechanic/use non genuine audi injectors.

    Desperate to hear some idea's.

    If anyone is in the market for a good second hand kidney, ill be selling mine to pay for this repair.

    after this - car goes on the market.

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    Yes you can take it somewhere else, but youíll still have to pay for what has already been done. They may not put it back together, so youíll still have to get it towed to another workshop.
    You may be able to provide your own parts, but you will need to discuss that with the dealers, they may or may not agree to fit them.
    Either way, you need to talk to the service manager.
    As for selling the car, you havenít said how many kms, but do you really want to drop $10k on a car just to sell it? You wonít see that money on a sale .
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    Thank Cristian,
    The car has 130,000kms on it, and I am reluctant to keep the car, for fear of further issues.
    The car was only given the ďall clearĒ by another Audi service centre on Friday after replacing an injector fuel rail ($1200), only for it to have further issues 30minutes after leaving the service centre.
    Thereís no way of me knowing that I wonít be driving the car in 1 day, 1 week etc, and have another debilitating repair cost of an issue arises.
    I canít afford the risk, and will be looking for a new car.
    Iím not expecting to get the $15k Iíve spent just on mechanical repairs back, Iím hoping to break even on my loan, and get out without suffering financial detestation

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    It seems a very steep price for the injectors. Get them to give you the part number, at least you can then do some shopping around.

    Looking online $126 USD each (assumes you need 4). Ok, so looking again, these a petrol, but if you get the part number, you should be able to find them much cheaper than the dealer..

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    A quick google shows pricing around $500-600 per injector for genuine Bosch OEM parts. These will still need to be coded to each cylinder using the correct tool.

    Part Nos. 0445117004 (New) - 0986435382 (refurb)

    You could try here, as the above part nos are from Bosch USA, and there is nothing listed on their local site. The one linked is listed for the Q7 V6 TDI and is $434.50ea
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