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Thread: General question re MMI for new user

  1. Default General question re MMI for new user

    Hi, I have looked around but to be honest I am not 100% across everything to even know what to look for.

    I have some general question and I am hoping you guys know the answers.

    I have a 2014 Audi A3 8V Ambition Auto quattro MY15 Cabriolet which I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

    So far, the ICE is extremely different to my previous car (2016 ND Mazda MX5) I am getting there but there are a couple of things I can't work out:

    I have the Technik Package (Not sure if that makes a difference)

    1) Does my system play videos? I found a few things about encoding but can't seem to get it to work (using FFMPEG)
    2) Can you reverse the direction of the scroll wheel? I turn it clockwise and to me it should go down the list, it doesn't it goes up on clockwise
    3) Is there a way to make it repeat the ALBUM from the memory card, I put an album on and I can hit repeat but it just repeats the track, if it's off then it just goes to the next album upon completion
    4) Is there a way to skip BACK a track from the steering wheel controls? I know there is a hot button which is programmed in mine to go forward a track but I find it strange that I have to take my hand off the wheel to move around tracks
    If i have two 128GB memory cards, is there any reason to copy stuff to the Jukebox (which seems to only have 11GB space), what is the jukebox in comparison to running off a memory card?
    5) There is some "Audi music interface" socket in the centre console, I have researched what it is but if I have MP3's on a memory card and I have Spotify on my phone connected via bluetooth, I don't think this cable will be of any use to me is that correct? (possibly charging???)

    Thanks for any help you guys can provide :).

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    Worked out number 4, put the centre dash screen into music mode then use the rolly wheel thingy on the left.

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    i called Audi Alto one day, and they helped me with advice on this.

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