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Thread: 08 Q7 Side Mirrors

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    Hello all!

    I have an 08 Q7 being delivered on a truck next week.

    Neither of the power mirrors work. I hear this is a common fault and the motors behind the mirrors need changing.

    I am trying to order the motors so I have them when the Q7 arrives, but there is 2 types. With memory or without memory.

    Can anyone one let me know which ones to order?

    Its is an 08 Q7 with the TDI V8.


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    If you are unsure than quote your VIN to any dealer and have them check it out for you, you can do it over the phone.
    Q3 135kw TDI quattro sport with - Technik package, Comfort package, Assistance package, Panoramic sunroof and Audi connect.
    On order - FY Q5 TDI quattro sport with Technik package, Parking assistance package, Panoramic sunroof, Privacy glass and warm seats.

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    Cheers! I got in touch with them and they gave me both the part numbers I needed.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. Default Gday Reece..

    Congrats, I just bought a 08 Q7 V8 diesel too, what was the rough price to replace the mirrors if something happens to one of mine?Cheers Ray..

  5. Default Hi Ray

    Congrats to you too!

    Total price from Audi Perth was $554.40

    $262.80 for one side. $241.21 for the other. Plus GST.

    I ended up getting both from for $271.62 delivered.

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