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Thread: My TT RS

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    Default My TT RS

    I collected my TT RS today. Only drove it (nervously) 5km to Autofidelity to have the security work done. Then I collect it on Wednesday and drive it a bit further to The Ultimate Detailer for exterior and interior protection as well as window tinting.

    Then I finally get it back for good early next week.

    I took one photo at the dealer as a teaser. Will post more later.
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    Nice - congrats!

    Looks like you got it from Audi Centre Brighton?

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    Thanks and correct. I posted all of the info in the 'Noob' section.

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    Some pics of the wrapping process...
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    IMG_9753.jpg   IMG_9754.jpg   IMG_9755.jpg  

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    And the rest...
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    Finally collected the car last night and drove it from Knoxfield in Melbourne to St Kilda East. Switched it into Dynamic mode half way into the drive and I was giggling like a little girl the rest of the way home while making stupid sounds like "yeehaaa!".

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    A very rapid go-cart with serious sound to match. Must be hell of a lot of fun to drive and still small enough to be nimble. IMO other RS cars have porked out too much bar the RS3 which is pretty similar.

    Toss up between this and a Cayman GTS these days but the TTRS sounds better!

    How does the clear wrap work? I assume it helps with stone chips. Been thinking about it for my next car.

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    So sorry for the late reply. I don't seem to have received a notification informing me that someone had replied to the thread. The wrap is great. There are different types of wraps such as ceramic, pomponazzi, etc. It protects the paint especially from bird droppings and scratches. Repairs itself with hot water but I don't intend to test that. In relation to stone protection etc, this was applied in addition to the wrap. I suggest you contact Dan from The Ultimate Detailer and discuss all of this with him. He's a great guy and a perfectionist.

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    I recently got to dive one of these. Such a weapon.

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    Yeah it is. But I'm already wanting more power especially down low before the turbo really kicks in.

    We're never satisfied.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

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