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Thread: I'm back with a stock as a rock S4 B5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khoa View Post
    if E85 sniffer can be use then YES.
    entry level stg 3 turbos (for a DD)
    fuel pump and injectors
    larger SMICs
    larger MAF
    beef up the clutch
    2.5" downpipes with free flow cats and exhaust
    custom E85 tune, control the torque onset to protect the rods if you are concerned
    that should get you near 300 awkw territory

    the rest of the stuff is nice but not critical. just because something looks bigger doesn't mean you need it. if there is no before/after FATS or dyno evidence (real, rather than butt) then it's theory and speculation.

    if you are just passing through 300 awkw on the way to something bigger then more investment is required with the turbos and to open up inlet and exhaust further. do it once and do it right if that's the case.

    brakes and suspension can be from 1K to 10K. minimum is a spring/shock combo and decent front pads. if you aren't tracking or aren't the sort of driver that plays in traffic at stupid speeds then i don't see massive brakes as a must. rear swaybar upgrade gives a nice improvement.

    good luck
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    I'm sure you could convince Paul to sell you his Stg 3 kit

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