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Thread: 2009 TTS tyre pressures and oil change

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    Hello there,

    can anyone tell me what the correct tyre pressures , or what they would use , for my 09 TTTS . I have 19 inch rims and the manual suggest to have 32psi in the front and 28 psi in the back . These pressures seem a bit low .
    Also what would be the suggested mileage to replace your oil . I have bought the car second hand , and the service log book has the oil been replaced at every 15 ' 000 klms in the past . I was thinking every 10,000 klms , or is 15,000 klms ok ?

    many thanks for your reply .

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    Hi Tiger
    Not much action on here - we're all too tired after a hard day at the salon, apparently...
    Pressures for my TT RS are 32 F, 26 R, and after 1 year, seem to be about right for road use, but experimentation costs nothing... Re your oil changes, 10,000km or 12 months is good, been doing that for the last 12 years on my B5 S4, no problems or sludging, uses no oil between changes. Following the same with my RS. Oil is cheap! BTW you will get more response from the VW Vortex TT group, or or the TT Forum
    1999 Nogaro S4
    2010 TT RS

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