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How many people in Australia would be crazy enough to want to buy an old B5 RS4?

I'm guessing you could count them all on one and a bit hands and we are all here on OZAUDI.

The owners of the cars for sale at the moment don't really want to sell them unless they get the big $$.

Can't blame them for that, but the moving price looks way closer to 50k than 60k.
Astute. Only a handful of stayers in the Audi B5 world on this continent. Much more appreciation and enthusiasm in other countries. My view, if you take a good look at what you are getting for the money and then at the price of other older cars that offer far less, a GOOD sorted RS4 is worth the money, a standard one only if you can keep it mint and low miles and a dog is a liability unless you can pour some real money into it.

Don't know about crazy enough though, the ability to own a car that doesn't start and stop when it feels like it, change lanes or brake based on computer code, lock you out of any maintenance and the list goes on, is something that analogue drivers are willing to pay for. I might be able to sign up for a few of the good new cars but I'm happy with the B5 by choice. Doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the fine points of many cars but the freedom to choose is where it's all at.