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    Default Front Splash Guards

    I have managed to rip both of these off my 2006 A6 ( at different times ).......Don't ask.....They are located at on the front side of both fromt wheels.
    When doing so, I have managed to loose most of the fasteners. There appears to be at least two different types used to hold them on....not sure.
    I now need to identify these fasteners so I get them put back on.
    I also seem to have some fastners that secure the Belly Pan on, missing, as well....(not my
    Anybody know where how I can work out what goes where and where I can get these from?
    If I buy them from the dealer I'm going to need to tell them exactly what I want. I also asume they will be ludicriously expensive from the

    Ebay searches did not bring up much. Not even sure what they called exactly....

    They look similar to this, although this one is froma A5 apparently.

    Audi Splash Guard.JPG

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    Got it sorted.

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