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Thread: Headlight Range control: system fault

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    Got this message on dash this morning. Any ideas on what it means.

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    Headlight Range control controls how high the headlights are/where they cut off.

    it is controlled by two ride hight sensors. One on the front axle and one on the rear (or two front/back if you have AAS). When you excelerate, the vihicle goes up in the front... naturally. When you breake, well, the other way around. When you load the boot, same effect is present.

    Headlight range controll knows what happens (excelerate, breake and boot load ) and adjusts the headlights accordingly so to not blind oncoming traffic.

    Youíre best to grab someone with VCDS if you donít have it yourselve and read out the fault code. Itíll give you more detailed information. Feel free to post the scan here.


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