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Thread: Help required from someone with a circa 2010 Allroad

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    Default Help required from someone with a circa 2010 Allroad

    I want to know the scheduled services for this model. I cannot for the life of me find anything online that I can understand. If someone has this Allroad (2009-2011) could they kindly take a photo of the scheduled services? There is one for sale Iím looking at in particular and want to reconcile what *has* been done to what *should* have been done! Many thanks in advance,
    2004 A4 1.8T Quattro Avant S Line & APR Stage 1

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    Heyp, wondering if you found service schedule from somewhere? I have 2009 allroad and doing service as needed. 15k back did all filters, gearbox and engine oil, this time did only engine oil. When next 15k comes up doing again all filters, gearbox and engine oil. By that time gearbox has done 30k, air filter 30k, fuel filter 30k, cabin filter 30k( might change this little bit earlier). Doing most services myself and just keeping receipts of oils and filters ect with documented service dates on them. Using Motul 8100 x-clean plus 5w-30 in engine and oil still looked quite good after 15k. Done stage 1 for the engine, added oil catch and blocked air intake from exhaust (ecu decoding also).

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    Here you go! For A6 4FH Allroad MYí10 with 3.0 TDI (CDYA) and 6sp TT (ZF 6HP19A)


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