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    I have been trawling through so many threads about navigation updates and I just want to confirm the following please so that I am clear on what to do next:
    My MMI details are:
    3g High MMI
    My current version is:
    Software version: HNav_EU_K0206_3_D1
    Nav. database version: 8R0060884QAN 5.2.7

    1. Is there anyway to download the maps updates without a huge fee?
    2. Assuming I need to update my firmware, can I update to the latest or is there a firmware upgrade path I need to follow?
    3. Is there a 3rd party supplier of maps for the above MMI and if so who and will I still require a visit to an Audi service centre?

    Note, I would be happy with 2014 to 2015 maps as anything is better than my present 2011 maps ( Brisbane has changed a little since 2011).

    Any assistance is most welcome

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    have you tried euro car upgrades in Maroochydore.

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    TBH, cheaper and more reliable to buy a cheap phone/tablet and use google maps. It has an offline mode so you can download the areas you need (or all of Australia if you have space).

    If you do use a connected device, you get really good traffic info, which is why I use the phone over the MMI 99% of the time.

    Most importantly, updates are free, and the most current data is available to you without waiting a year for the next update.

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