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Thread: Audi A5 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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    Default Audi A5 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    If you have a European automotive vehicle and wish you had the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto features this video isfor you.Today we're going to have a look at our retrofit of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in this Audi A5. The same system canbe fitted to Q7, A4, Q5, A1, Q3, etc. So here we see we're using the Apple CarPlay side of the interface meaning thatwe've got an iPhone plugged in. This is the CarPlay main menu, it allows you to do things such as text message,WhatsApp, music like your native Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, etc, and when Apple release ios12 this system willalso integrate in ways and google maps, and all of these features can be controlled via Siri, which is activated using ahome button in the buttom left on the steering wheel controls.We've now swtiched over to the Android Auto side of the interface meaning we've plugged in a Samsung or othergoogle phone. As you can see they already have the ways maps integrated into the Android Auto platform. But justlike with Apple CarPlay, there's a lot more than that such as all your music platforms, etc.My name's Jarrod Shelley from Autofidelity.Thank you for watching.

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    nice one mate, might be the next upgrade for my car next year

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    How much supply only?

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    Also interested as wanting to replace old Audi Factory RNS-E Satellite Navigation.

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