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Thread: Airbag Recalls - Check your car

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    Hi fellow members,

    Since the announcement of the faulty airbag recalls, I have made sure to do my checks with my vin and rego with the dealer and other resources, after being told that my vehicle was not affected, I was shocked today as I have now found that I am affected.
    Today i had decided to visit to do a check which showed I may be affected and to confirm with the Audi's VIN search. also showed that I am affected

    Advise everyone to do a check even if you have done so previously in the past as I had also performed. No cost for doing your checks and being safe

    My recall is for my 2006 A4 B7 (Passenger Side only)
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    Thanks for the post.
    What was the result that ensued?
    One of the links isn't active.

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