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Thread: A6 valuation?

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    Default A6 valuation?

    Have an A6 MY 2010 that Im going to have to sell for my sister.
    Does anyone have a view on the right price?

    2.0 petrol
    All leather
    immaculate inside
    some parking scratches outside
    good tyres
    reg to Jan 2019

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    has anyone received an airbag recall letter and changeover for their A6? Audi Australia dont seem to want to send me the recall letter.

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    compare redbook valuation to carsales asking prices to get an idea

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    Yes, that web page shows there is a recall due, and when I spoke to Audi they say the same thing. They said they would send a recall letter allowing me to have the recall done, but still no letter. So... has anyone else successfully finished the airbacg letter/recall processfor an A6?

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    OK, so I am going to list it at $14,700 over at carsales. But pls feel free to contact me direct if you want.
    Location is southern gold coast.

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