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Thread: Type /code of the gearbox on A5 Quattro TFSI 2.0 stronic

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    Default Type /code of the gearbox on A5 Quattro TFSI 2.0 stronic


    Does anyone know the gearbox type (code) on A5 Quattro TFSI 2.0? I checked on the sticker in the service book and it says MNU NGU. But I could not find this gearbox online!


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    If youíve got a recent (in the last 8 to 10 years) A5 quattro, youíll most likely have a version of the DL501 DSG (Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe) S tronic gearbox. This is the longitudinally mounted 7 speed quattro box used in A/S/RS 4, 5 and 7 cars (and maybe 6 cars, too, but Iím not 100% on that last).
    Audiís codings for just the DL501 box cover three discrete generations of the box, at least 9 different cars, numerous final drive ratios, torque ratings, hot and cold weather variants and production line modifications. Thereís literally hundreds of variant codes! This is the most comprehensive code list around that Iíve been able to find:
    Thereís a quite good overview of the whole DSG line in Wikipedia:

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    Mine is a 2011. I asked this because in the service book it says you only have to change the transmission oil only if the gearbox is 01M or 01N and I am pretty sure mine is not one of those. However, my mechanic says it is better to change the transmission oil since it has been 7 years now despite the fact that the car has only done 50k Kms and the book did not mention a transmission fluid change. Apart from that, I read in a post that it is better to change the transmission oil every 80k kms.

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