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Thread: B9 RS4 Avant or B9 RS5 Sportback?

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    Default B9 RS4 Avant or B9 RS5 Sportback?

    Hi guys,

    Have been looking at the RS4 Avant as my family grows, currently have a 370Z which just won't cut it according to the wife. She has an XT Forester.
    But now I see Audi will release the RS5 Sportsback early next year.
    So which do I choose, I have had Coupe's for the last 12 years, wife has a wagon anyway, so do I get the sportsback as it is the best of both worlds or do I get the Avant as it offers more practicality?

    Much appreciated.

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    very much a personal preference.
    i've always lusted after the avants but would probably take the RS5 over the RS4 now.
    i'd imagine they are very close to a wagon in terms of versatility and i love the shape.
    B5S4 Avant, F21's, E85, kWV3

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    I do like the shape of the Sportsback as I have never been a Avant/Wagon guy but I see the practicality of the Avant. They are essentially the same car & I have read/watched a few reviews of the RS4 which have expressed that they felt the RS4 handled better & responded better then the RS5 Coupe. Think I might have to wait till a few reviews start getting written.

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    Being an avant/wagon owner for a number of years you can certainly fit a little more in the avant over the sport back. But then the sport back is a good compromise, still good luggage size and easy access with the lift back.

    We have a friend with the A5 Sline sportback and it does look very nice but I wonder if they are a little too beetle looking for my taste.

    I haven't seen the B9 RS4 yet but I hear from one of the guys on here says that his B9 RS4 looks a little better/aggressive than the outgoing B8. I don't think you can go past an uber wagon but it is a personal preference.

    I think either the B8 or the B9 RS4 is a very grown up car and would be my pick.

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    Jon Leven (October 12th, 2018)

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    Might not be the same with the B9, but I drove identical spec C7 RS6 and RS7s back to back, and the Avant felt slightly more agile and the better car to drive. The RS6 we bought as a result of that drive was a replacement for a C63 Estate so we do have a preference for the practicality of the wagon layout.

    That said, if you’ve already got a wagon / SUV in the garage then go with the RS5 Sportback. I really enjoy driving the B9 S5 Sportback, it’s a great looking car and the RS5 will only be a step up again in that department.

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    Much appreciated guys, some nice personal insight which will help my choice, decisions, decisions. RS5 Sportsback is due Feb so will wait & see what deals I can get.

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    I am new to wagons/Avants. I traded an A4 quattro on a Skoda V6 wagon(Kombi) five years ago and loved the versatility. The Skoda was killed by lightning on Jan 26th this year (a memorable date) and I bought an A4 S line Avant with ALL the gear for a song. I am now going to have it "tuned" to 246 kw and 475 Nm for $2,000. The reason I didn't go straight to an S4 was because I couldn't fit a tow bar to it. In hindsight I think I made the correct choice because I still have my licence!! The A6/S6 was never an option due to garage space.

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    It definitely seems the Avant has a good following & reputation, looking forward to getting to see both in the flesh before making a decision but the Avant certainly has amazing styling.

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    some owners of the b9 have mentioned that the exhaust note is lacking even when on WOT. bit of a shame.
    SOLD!!! 01 black b5 rs4

    14 suzuka grey b8 rs4 - bang & olufsen sound system, high beam assistant, black exterior styling package, heated front seats, rear manual sunblinds, panoramic sunroof, dynamic steering, digital radio, assistance package +side assist, dynamic sports package 3, oem rear cargo mat, Lakin number plate delete mod

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    I think moving from such a loud V8 to the twin turbo V6 is going to mute the sound & experience but I'm hoping it still sounds beefy enough. If not an aftermarket exhaust will be found

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