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    the indicator lamp came on and was checked by Audi. They reset it. It cane on again a couple of months later. The audi dealer quoted $5K for parts and labour. It has come on again last week. I followed the mannual fix(60kpm+ in 4th gear for 15 minutes to burn off) but the light is still on. Is there any other fix other than repale the DPF etc? The car has only done 66Km

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    If your dealer is any good they should check to see if the sensor is faulty plus soak the DPF in a special fluid that breaks down the soot that has clogged the DPF. Do you do long trips or short trips all the time?. Audi Australia are a bunch of muppets and they won’t help you,they will try and blame the DPF failure on you,your driving style etc etc. a DPF should last well over 200,000klms. If you google DPF failures in Australia you will see DPFs are failing left right and centre and in the Australian climate(according to MOTOR Magazine)they are failing around the 60k Mark. When the new model VW Golf comes out VW will not sell anymore deisel cars,the only deisels they will have will be in their vans,4wd utes,Trucks and some of their Tourage models.

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    Has the dealer tried a regen cycle?

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    I have heard other people use this cleaner from Liqui moly

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