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Thread: Replacing seats in RS3 sedan with lower seats

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    Default Replacing seats in RS3 sedan with lower seats

    Hi guys,

    I'd like to know if anyone has changed their RS3 seats over to either aftermarket seats, or seats from another Audi?

    I've got a 2018 RS3 sedan and I just cannot get comfortable! The front of the seat base doesn't go high enough and the rear doesn't go low enough. Overall, the whole seat doesn't go low enough, and I cannot get enough of a seat base "angle" so that my thighs are supported enough to not have my heels digging into the floor.

    Because of this, I need to sit a little further back than usual, but the steering wheel doesn't extend far enough out! So then I have to put the seat back more upright which brings my head within about half an inch of the roof (I'm about 5'10-5'11 and have a sunroof)!

    I also seem to be the only one who thinks this is a large, enough to want to sell the car type problem. Maybe I just have really short arms and really long legs, I don't know! :)

    I also have a 2009 S5 coupe with Alcantara seats and I think they're not only a lot more comfortable than the RS3's seats, but they also seem to allow more seat base angle and overall appear to sit noticeably lower than the RS3's.

    I was going to attempt a test fit shortly but before doing so was wondering the following which might save me some trouble:

    1. Has anyone ever fit any aftermarket/factory seats from another car and if so, did you have to modify anything and/or use VCDS to code in any changes?
    2. Is there a power/wiring connector already available in the RS3 for power seats? Given that power seats were an option, I was hoping that the wiring would already be present.
    3. What about tilting the stock RS3 seats so the front is higher? I assume they are already mounted as low as possible so lowering won't be possible?
    4. I particularly like Alcantara which is why I was leaning towards those seats. I'm not too fussed if they're heated or not, but given the RS3 has heated seats it would make sense to get another seat that is also heated. Does anyone know whether Alcantara AND heated seats were available in the S5/RS5 and if so, whether they will make any difference as to fitment/compatibility?

    Any other info/insights are much appreciated!

    Edit: any suggestions for where I can find 2nd hand Audi seats would be great! I haven't been able to find much so far... I'm based in Penrith NSW.
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    I have Alcantara powered and heated seats in my 2017 RSQ3.

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