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Thread: 2018 TT rs Launch and Gear Change Issues

  1. Default 2018 TT rs Launch and Gear Change Issues

    Hey Guys,
    I recently purchased a TT rs and almost immediately took it to get the APR stage 1 tune.
    Anyway following this I took it to the street drags to reel off some 1/4 tests. I have done this many times before in various cars and have a fair idea on how to optimise a launch but this one had me perplexed and I was wondering if anyone else has seen these issues during drags/launch tests.
    Started in sports mode with traction off and launched as per standard protocol;
    Car bogged down badly and seemed to lag on the launch. Ended with a 4.01 0-100 time and a 12.01 1/4 mile.
    This was purely to set a base line.
    Next was in sport mode, flicked across into Manual, again launched. Ended up with a 3.87 0-100 and a 11.75 1/4 mile time. Again not a clean launch at all, the car seemed to hesitate just after the launch and almost retard the drive. It felt like traction control kicking in but I can assure you it was off.
    3rd run again in manual mode, launched and the car did the usual bog down but then automatically changed 2 gears (no red line and no paddle action on my part) and left me at 2k rpm in 3rd gear. Needless to say awful 0-100 and 1/4 mile times.

    Could not hook up a single clean run all night that I would be pleased with.
    Track was 23 degree, fairly high humidity, track dry but not fantastically grippy. I was running 28 psi in the tyres (Dropped it progressively over the night without any real change)
    Best for the night was a 0-100 in 3.67 and 1/4 mile in 11.675 (Not thrilled to be honest)

    Will be trying again soon, however my question is has anyone else seen the poor launch combined with clunking or erratic gear changes.

    All 0-100 times were done on a vbox sport.

    I would be curious to hear of other owners feedback on this.

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    I haven't tried launch control as I was told to wait until I have done 5,000 km.

    How many km's do you have on your car?

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