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    G'day all.......
    Just wanted to share some info.
    So I've had my car lowered now for quite some time.
    I've used Eibach Sportline springs as I've found these springs from my previous cars to be good.

    Ride height measurements taken with the Eibach springs are from centre of wheel to guard and are as follows:
    Front: 330mm.
    Rear: 335mm.

    I drove the car for at least 7000 kms without an MRC re-set and thought that they were actually ok.
    I found that if i used the 'AUTO' suspension setting that this was actually the sweet spot for a daily.
    During a routine service I asked the dealer to re-set the MRC to current resting point and they did.
    This to me has made a massive difference.
    The car didn't wonder on freeways, felt tighter and firmer and absorbed bumps better.

    Now... whilst I was happy with the way the car drove/handled, I wasn't too enthused with the car's stance. I'm not too much of a fan of positive rake.
    So I spoke with John at Eibach and asked if he could make me a set of rear springs that were 7-10mm lower than what I currently have.
    He just shook his head...... haha.......!

    He said that he'll ask 'Germany' for a rear adjustable set-up.
    So basically an coilover set-up without the shocks.

    Last week the adjustable springs arrived.
    They're progressive whereas the fronts are linear..... (the original Eibach rears were linear too).
    I thought this would hamper the ride but surprise ... surprise.... it feels good!!!
    And they're only 5 N/mm difference in operation.

    My biggest fear was the dreaded MRC light but to date this has not displayed (touch wood) and i have them wound all the way to the lowest position.

    Now the rear ride height is:
    320mm (centre of wheel to guard).

    I'll post a 'full' pic in the next week or so showing the full car in sideview as the weather in Sydney has been so so and my car looks filthy!

    So if you guys are thinking of lowering your car and coilovers were your only option to go a little bit more lower in the rear well now you have an alternative.

    I know KW make an 'H.A.S.' kit but I wasn't sure if they would make the car really firm or not and the MSS kit from the reviews doesn't go low enough... (???)
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