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Thread: A/c not turning on?

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    Gíday guys,
    My 98 a4 a/c doesnít turn on anymore?
    I remember last summer it was working perfectly fine and it just needed a regas. Iíve had that done so I know itís got gas in it.
    I press the button and the symbol come on for a second and then turn itself back off and the compressor never actually kicks on.
    In the shop when they regassed it they supplied direct power to the compressor clutch to turn it on and test it.
    I was just wondering if maybe it only kicks on when the outside temperate is hot enough because it worked well on hot days last year, or do I have some electrical gremlin??
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you turn it all the way down (temp) and it doesn't kick in (or all the way up), then the compressor is probably stuffed.

    Get the car scanned for error codes, to see if any.

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