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Thread: Upgrading from HID to LED ?

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    I've got a 2007 S5 with HIDs and I'm not particularly happy with the brightness of it. I previously owned a 2004 A3 and upgraded its low beams to LEDs and it had a massive difference, however the new S5 HIDs are not as half as bright as those LEDs in my previous car.

    So I'm wondering if it's a good idea to upgrade from HIDs to LEDs as I've seen some kits where the LED can be plugged into the HID socket with some other cabling in the middle.

    Have any of you guys attempted this before ?


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    I've had some experimentation with LEDs a few years ago. There are some very good retrofit products coming out and very very bright.

    You need to check that you have sufficient space behind the HID globe to insert the LED alternative. If the LED is any good it will have a relatively large heatsink and/or fan on the back of it and/or other heat sink device. This eliminates its use in most automotive applications as they just don't fit. There are more compact LED bulbs but their output is very low.

    The other issue is you will need to have a product that corrects the canbus error which will show up. There is also the auto leveling so not sure how that will affect things.

    Look forward to hearing how you go.

    Just saw something like this:
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    Thanks for the advice Don. I will definitely try this out next month and post the results.

    One question though, that connector for the LEDs do they directly connect to the socket of the HIDs ?


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    Great, I'll be interesting to see the results.

    When you are shopping around for bulbs make sure you look for one with LEDs on both sides of the stalk. I notice a lot of them only have them on one side which will not do a very good job replicating the omnidirectional beam of the xenon bulb.

    Also make sure it has a proper canbus corrector. Avoid using a high power resistor, this is really only suitable for small low power LEDs.

    The HIDs/Xenon bulb will plug into a ballast which will then plug into the cars 12V power supply/lighting circuit.

    So you want to bypass the output of the ballast and plug directly before this. There is usually a connector to the ballast to facilitate replacement of the ballast when necessary.

    See diagram below:


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    Thanks mate. I'll post once I get the proper stuff.


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