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Thread: B5 S4 Avant: Minor gremlins / oddities

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    Default B5 S4 Avant: Minor gremlins / oddities

    Just wondering if anyone out here experiences the same things with their B5s. Are these normal? I seriously think no and just want some validation just in case.

    1. Horn does not actuate when the engine is off...not even with the keys turned ON

    2. Radio can be turned on without keys in the barrel. It will switch off when you pull out the key but you can toggle it on weird!

    3. Rear passenger ceiling lights only lights up when the front ceiling lights are ON (regardless if its in DOOR or ON position)

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    Ok. So it seems these are typical to Audis. �� Now where's that delete button??
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    Haven't tried 1. Yes to 2 and 3. Character building and uniqueness?
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