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Thread: Post "regulation change" finance rates Nov 1 2018 onwards only

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    Default Post "regulation change" finance rates Nov 1 2018 onwards only

    Interested to hear from people who have initiated finance through Audi, what sort of rates have you got for finance since Nov 1 2018?

    I get the feeling there is some dealership rate manipulation going on even though the regs are meant to curb this behaviour.

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    What kind of regs are you referring to?

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    The ASIC regulation of dealers and 'flex' interest rate loans.

    Essentially the 'Business Manager' stated there was no way I'd get a better rate than my 2016 finance rate of 4.5% on my new RS3,I found this interesting as that was when the base rate was 2% (now 1.5%) and the rules are to prevent inflating the interest rate. They should be at the table on sub 4%......sounds iffy.

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    Thatís what they said to me in 2014 about my 2012 rate. When I said I was going with BMW finance they couldnít bring the rate back down quick enough

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