I've finally given up on my KW V1s supplied a couple of years ago for my Mk 1 TT by HPA motorsports in Canada. Marketed as their SHS coilover, here is their latest blurb:

Developed in conjunction with the engineers at KW Automotive, the team at HPA Motorsports has designed an out of the box solution that is preset to perform...
HPAs SHS coilovers offer an unmatched balance between handling and comfort. All SHS applications are based off KWs twin tube low pressure damper design. Embracing KWs patented valve technology found in the KW V3, the high-speed dampening characteristics remain similar to OEM offering a near factory comfort level, while the low speed dampening power is increased to eliminate pitch and roll associated with heavy braking or corner entry. Each application features linear race springs on the front and progressive barrel spring on the rear.

SHS is the PERFECT suspension solution for the enthusiast looking to gain better control at corner entry on high-speed sprints, yet uses their car in the harsh real world environment.

Maybe the formula is different for other Audi models, I don't know. Some of the messages are the same, so if you're considering new coilovers or struts on your car I'd urge to read about my experience.

I had the things sent from Canada and took then to a trusted suspension specialist in Canberra. It took three fittings (at $300 per fitting, from memory) before the things were right. The first pair of rear springs provided left the rear of the car much too high - the lowering effect was a fraction of that advertised. The second pair lowered the rear so much the underside of the car scraped the ground every time she hit a bump on the highway, and the camber and toe-in was way too extreme. It would have caused very rapid tyre wear. With some special spacers under the springs and offset bushes to correct camber and toe-in, it was finally within reasonable limits. At a cost of almost $1000!!

The next problem was the damping settings on the struts. Way too hard on compression, way too soft on rebound. The car knocked your fillings out on bumps and wallowed on undulations. This was at the front. I never quite worked out what was happening at the back, except that a couple of times on twisty roads if I hit a bump in the middle of a corner, the back end would jump sideways. Scary! And dangerous too.

I hoped this could be sorted with a revalving job as you would do with Bilsteins or Konis. Wrong! There is NO ONE in Australia who can obtain the parts from KW to take apart a strut and recalibrate the valving. Therefore this service is not available in Australia. The supplier told me i would have to send the shocks to KW North America in California along with my precise needs. I contacted KWNA who told me they MIGHT be able to provide this service, but it was likely they would have to send them to the parent company in Germany. So how long would my car be laid up without shocks? Depending on prevailing workloads, 2-3 months. Great service, you'll be thinking. And all at my cost. Further, the result could not be guaranteed as it was up to me to tell them how to revalve the struts. How to do that? Since it appears no one in Australia has an on-car dyno, it would involve taking the shocks off and sending them to Sydney or Melbourne, GUESSING the values that might make things better and sending those to KWNA along with the shocks. My values, my risk, my cost.

I have suggested other solutions to the supplier, none of which he felt able to take up. He has tried to be helpful, but the bottom line is the inconvenience, the cost and the risk will remain mine because there are NO servicing facilities for KWs in Australia.

Both front and rear struts have now begun to creak and squeak and groan with less than 30,000 km on them.

These are the worst coilovers I have ever bought. The ride quality has been destroyed and the handling has become at best unpredictable, at worst downright dangerous.

You would need to think long and hard whether these things are right for your car.