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Thread: Suspension knocking

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    Where does it show that someone is in your blind spot? Is it it the light in the side of the mirror? I swear mine is never on. Does the lane guidance thing need to be turned on for it to work?
    Yes it is the light in the side of the mirror. It can be turned on/off. Go into Menu->Car, select the left control button, then Driver Assist, then Audi Side Assist. If its active, the light will briefly flash whenever you turn the car on.

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    I have a slightly different issue with my MY14 SQ5. A soft knock or clicking sound is coming from what appears to be my rear driver's side suspension whenever I accelerate or decelerate at low speed.
    Has been looked at at the past 2 services and received this very unsatisfactory written response from Audi...
    "Found clicking to be coming from drive train on load. Checked TPI's and found 2027066/6 relating to concern. As per TPI noises are normal"!
    Not impressed, especially in a vehicle that cost over AUD90,000.
    Do you know of this situation or know how I can contact someone with a similar situation.

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    Had a similar issue on my SQ5 a few years ago.
    could not determine whether it was front/ rear but definitely drivers side.
    After some badgering the Audi Centre in Canberra fitted some tranducers and took it for a run and determined (correctly) that it was the driverís side front suspension turret bolts that were loos.

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    Thank you Dingah, I will do some badgering. By the way, what are tanducers?

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    Transducers in this context are small vibration sensors which can sense and then translate those vibrations into an electrical signal which is displayed on the engineers test set.

    2015 SQ5 TDI Sold
    2017 RSQ3 Performance Sold
    2018 S4
    Mrs B's Tiguan R-Line + APR

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    Thanks again Dingah. I did read up about them but Googles explanation was a lot less clear than yours. Here goes the badgering to get Audi to act!

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