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Thread: A Little Help Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by louc View Post
    Understand where your coming from but when you canít hear the guy next to you at 100kph itís a bit more than tyre noise
    That wave could be scalloping. It is most likely the result of a resonance and traditional wisdom has it that both dampers and arms / struts can be a contributing factor. I've seen it where adjustable damping (compression and rebound) is fitted and someone has stuffed up the spec / adjustment. A few laps around the block with other tyres and wheels could point the way forward. Good luck.

    Tire is cupped: When the tire is scalloped or cupped across the tread it is usually caused by bad shocks or struts. This can also be caused by out of balance tires.
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    OK - bottom line from Derrick is all OK front end of car - shaft, suspension etc etc.
    He came back to the tyres as the culprit - next stop, the retailer and see what we can do. After Easter!
    Derrick did say, he's come across a few issues with Pirelli's and would recommend Michelin.

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    Put someone elseís wheels on before buying anything. No point in buying something if thereís no guarantee that itís the wheels. And tyres are not cheep theses days.
    First rotate them if possible even put the front to the rear if possible

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    Any update on this issue ? Iím very curious

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    Hi TYR382- Front tyres replaced (actually Pirelli's were pretty scuffed) but problem still exists.
    Took it back to Derrick at EA for the ECU upgrade using DMS software where we found out later that DMS doesn't have a over the net upgrade for the 316kW version unless we send the ECU to the UK - not going to happen!
    Derrick had another look at the car for this noise, this time at speed and finally someone agreed with me that it was coming from the front and so loud that you could not hear what the passenger was saying! He had a chat with Audi Sydney Service and they confirmed his thoughts that its the front diff.
    It goes in on the 29th for them to check the diff and replace if that's the culprit. From what the Service guy said that have replaced a few diffs on Audi R8's with low k's.
    Price - who knows.

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    Have you put the car on the hoist and ran it though the gears ?
    Also have you tried producing the sound in reverse?
    Could almost put my money on that itís a warn mount some where.
    But Iíd have to listen to it for sure
    Running gear can carry all sorts of sounds and feels. I had a sound coming out of my bell housing that sounded to me as a spun big bearing and turned out to be a leak in the PCV valve.

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    Saga is complete
    The Technician at Audi Sydney, (James) took the car with me for a quick spin around the block and immediately said front diff. He then put the car up on a hoist and did whatever he was supposed to do and confirmed front diff.
    $16K later - no noise - problem solved (thank god for extended warranty).
    The Technician and the Service Manager both can't understand why the other Audi dealer didn't pick it up - they said quite apparent.
    I may not leave this alone and the possibility exists for me to make a formal complaint to Audi regarding the other service divisions lack of care and apparent lack of knowledge.

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    16K omg man holy **** you must have money to throw lol
    For me I would had definitely done it my self if that was the cost.
    What exactly did they do? New parts ?

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    Thanks TYR382
    All covered under the extended warranty.
    New parts out of Germany. From the time they diagnosed the problem to the fitting of parts was 9 working days. Can't complain as they provided a new S3 for that period.
    I can confirm that Audi Pennant Hills will never see my car again - they had no idea! Sydney City were fantastic and my car will be serviced only by them - very talented crew lead by Andrew Fong.

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