Are we all being ripped off? OK, fully understand the costs of doing business and that to stay in business you need to make a profit and all the other things that make a business solvent.

Petrol prices are on most peoples minds. Local prices here in Canberra are around the $1.81 for 98. Other than Costco and the neighboring Woolies station that matches Costco until they shut, that is.

Decided on a longish drive (1000 Km) to grease the wheels and have some fun. Topped up at the Yass highway station where 98 was $1.809, pretty standard for this area and queues of people buying. Headed west, through Harden, Cootamundra, Junee and onwards. Why, one would ask, is fuel getting cheaper as we get further away from the distribution system? $1.61 then $1.60, $1.65 and then $1.494. Yep, thats what I paid this morning at 0953 for 98. No specials, dockets or what ever.

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There it is. Something to ruminate on over the weekend. Oh, and yes, the HWP are also somewhat busier as you head west. the 50 KPH sections have been getting a pasting where I've been. A lot less Roo strikes compared to the Newell though so thats soemthing.