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Thread: What brand brake parts is everyone running?

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    Default What brand brake parts is everyone running?

    Just got Bendix Euro+ pads for the front but also need rotors, lots to choose from eBay:

    Australian Disc Brakes $150
    Australian Disc Brakes Slotted & Drilled $180
    RDA $180
    Disc Brakes Australia $167
    Hella Pagid $162

    Not sure which ones to go with. Can't find much feedback on ADB so i think they're out.

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    DBA rotors are always pretty good

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    I havenít tried them yet, as I donít quite need new pads or rotors, but the place I am now getting my SQ5 serviced recommended ATE rotors and pads.

    I will look at those when I need them.

    A friend has them on his BMW, and his A1, and likes them.

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    DBA is always a good choice, more stock available and fairly priced.

    I just purchased some Akebnono ceramic pads to help with dust

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