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Thread: RS3 - Tire sealant - can it be removed or do i need a new tire?

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    Lightbulb RS3 - Tire sealant - can it be removed or do i need a new tire?

    Hey guys
    Got my first nail in the RS3... so annoyed
    The roadside assistance helped, as I dont have a spare, we ended up using the sealant. Question is, do i need a new tire due to the sealant? Can it be cleaned out? The tyre is new and the nail is in the middle of the tyre.

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    As the nail is in the flat part of the tread, I would say that it can be repaired. If it was sidewall damage it could not be.
    I would suggest that your tire would be plugged from the inside.

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    Thanks, i had it repaired. The tire sealant was removed & wheel re-balanced. Sticky stuff the sealant. Cost $206 from Audi to get a replaced... not the cheapest, but i noticed I have a small air compressor in the boot. Next time, i will get a puncture repair kit, use that to if its simple issue, fingers crossed i get another puncture anytime soon..

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