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Thread: A5 knocking and struggle to start

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    Hi All, first time poster- long time lurker!

    I have an A5 2.0T MY12 100k

    over the last few months itís developed an issue I canít get to the bottom of- neither can Audi.
    Its a tapping/knocking which results in rev counter jumping up and down. Itís also sometimes reluctant to start and also loss of power when pressing accelerator.

    the day before it was due to go into Audi to get inspected it didnít start. recovery came out and told me he believed it was the coil pack.

    Visit one to Audi: no fault found and nothing on diagnostics - suggested poor fuel.
    Visit two to Audi: spark plugs changed. They advised physical damage to one - it worked ok for a few days
    visit three to Audi: coilpack changed- worked ok for a few weeks. Fault intermittently returned.

    its been ok for a few weeks, but has returned again.

    Any suggestions/thoughts?
    Getting really frustrated- it comes over a time where not one but two people have drove into the back of us! (Cosmetic damage only)
    Fuel is always 95/98

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    Did you change all the coil packs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyt View Post
    Did you change all the coil packs?

    yeah, all coilpcks were replaced at the cost of $1k! Back at Audi now as itís getting worse again.

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