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Thread: FS Various B5 A4 Parts

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    Default FS Various B5 A4 Parts

    finally had to get round to clearing my stuff out of my folks storage so I will be listing various parts & spares to suit B5 A4 1.8t. Due being fairly time poor & relative distance between I have not gotten around to pricing or noting down the particulars of some of these parts as yet, however, I will continue to update. Having gotten the car in a movable state, ready to be towed I wanted to get this post up to see if I can help anyone trying to source a part I haven't yet pulled from the car before I send it to the wreckers.

    Let me know if you in need of anything in particular and see if I am able to help out, car was an green with grey interior AEB 1.8t manual, off the road due to worn cylinders lead to piston slap/broken skirt. Pulled the car down at the time to locate issue but ultimately not worth my the time or effort to have the block done etc. I will have to go back soon to pick up some remaining parts and organise the tow so hit us up if in need of a part and depending on what it is I may be able to pull it before I send the car off.

    Will continue to update details for other items pictured.

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    As well as the plenum I have the higher flowing AEB cylinder head off available. It's in good condition complete, hasn't been stripped down and have only de-carboned cylinder side of valves.

    1 x dip stick
    1 x cam seal
    1 x Half moon seal + gasket new in bag.
    2 x Front lower front control arms - new + hardware - Possibly sold
    2 x Front/Front Upper control arms - new + hardware - Possibly sold
    2 x Front/Rear Upper control arms - new + hardware - Possibly sold
    2 x Front sway bar links - new + hardware - Possibly sold
    2 x strut mount bushes
    Autobahn 88 FMIC inter-cooler + pipping + silicon DV to FMIC hose & should still have coupling with car.
    Crank case re-breather - limited use/good condition - PVC valve - t hose - Breather Hose
    Samco intake pipe - Possibly sold
    8 xcoil packs 058 905 105 - .
    N75 valve - 058906283 c
    upgraded Diverter valve - 06a 145 710n
    1 x oil feed line
    4 x Bosch 'green giant' 42lb/440cc fuel injector 0280155968
    1 x 1/2" Dr x M10 Cylinder Head Bolt Ribe Socket
    6 x Ngk BKUR7ET spark plugs (should have another 3 somewhere)
    2 x NGK BKR5ES-11 spark plugs
    1 x engine mount - as new, never installed.
    1 x sump pan &/or including spring lock/lever action drain plug. Thing is great, was sick of difficult to remove sump plugs + the fact they are considered as basically a single use part. With this you just need to push down and slide lever allowing you to safely drain hot oil, never leaked on car & never had an issue with it, can't recall the brand.
    1 x oil pick up -used but clean.
    1 x AEB Plenum + 1 x throttle body.
    1 x GT-2x turbo - (have ecu to match AEB
    "A8 brake upgrade" -possibly sold
    DRL headlights - possibly sold
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    What's the intercooler and piping?
    Does it fit behind OEM bumper and retain foglights?

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    Where are you located?

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    Hey, can't say about the fog lights, as mine did not have them, from memory of the install it required the tiniest amount of shaving around the inside center of the front bar. Nothing dramatic.
    With the fog lights being on the outside I would presume you should be right.
    Intercooler is autobahn88, bar and plate.

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    North Ryde area.

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    Samco intake pipe - good condition.
    This in let is for the standard 1.8T MAF housing and inlet right (K03 size - not sure what the GT2X is)?
    If so, could you PM me a price?

    Oil level sensor anywhere?
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    What are you after for the control arm kit and the coil packs?

    Cheers, Vipez

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    What are you after for the headlights?

    Would need to be shipped to 7325 or 7310
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    PMd. Interested in brakes

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