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Thread: Adaptive Lights Defective WARNING

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    Default Adaptive Lights Defective WARNING

    Hi people, this warning has been thrown up intermittently on my 2008 TT, especially when I go over bumpy roads. I have the xenons with adaptive cornering feature. Happens even in the day, when the xenons aren't switched on. I've checked the xenon bulbs, they are working fine. Has anyone ever had this issue before, and any fixes? Headlights also perform the left right up down dance during start-up, no problem. Also, the adaptive cornering light works (can see the light beams turning with the steering). ATM, I just switch off the engine to get rid of the warning


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    It’ll be the self leveling sensors (one fitted per axle).

    Can potentially be cleaned, alternatively replaced.

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    Thanks Alister! Is this a specialist job with an auto electrician? or any VAG workshop shd know?
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    Most specialist workshops should know about them.

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    ok, so...the actual codes indicated it's the motor for the cornering lights on the left side. any idea if this can be repaired without buying an entire new headlight unit? alternatively, is it possible to disable the cornering feature and also disable the warning?? not fussed if I don't have cornering lights TBH

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