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Thread: Expected Service Cost S3 8V at 4 yeas / 50,000ks

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    Hi All,

    So after four years my free servicing honeymoon is over and now due for my first paid service. I have contacted both the local Audi dealer (has serviced my car to date) and a local Audi specialist shop (Autotech, Mona Vale) for quotes and have been provided $900 by Audi and upt to $1300 by Autotech. My three prior cars have been BMWs and I never got stick shock with servicing costs to these levels so reaching out to determine what is the expected norm. At this stage considering using the guys I always used for my BMWs at Brookvale (Bromspec) as they were always honest and did quality work but they are BMW specialists.

    interested in hearing the feedback as I am sure there are a lot of us 8V owners now at this stage of servicing.



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    what's required for that service as per the maintenance schedule?

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    4 years you are looking at the 60,000km service which is a fairly major service. I paid $1,195 capped price at Audi Brighton for my 60K service last year. Apart from the usual engine oil and filter, they also replaced pollen filter, remote batteries, spark plugs, air cleaner, DSG oil and filter, flushed brake fluid and did the Haldex service.

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