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Thread: Is Audi getting better?

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    I thought Iíd post a discussion point to hear other Audi owners opinions on Audi design. I currently have a 2016 S3, owned since new, and previously owned 2005 & 2007 A3 ambitions (ok theyíre not top models), but Iíve often thought that the older models seemed more luxurious aligned to a premium brand. Ok the S3 has a great engine and good performance, but I would not settle for a new A3 over my old one on build quality. I just feel that all the new models are just feeling more mass produced, and same to be said for Mercedes. I have just watched a review on the new R8 and Iím not convinced itís as nice looking as the previous models particularly the 1st generation. The engines are improving and weight saving, but are Audiís retaining their luxury status, performance yes, but not sure about real luxury, call me old school!!

    Iím interested to hear peopleís evaluations and perspectives.

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    The eternal question. I'm sure that there was a time when CAD, Robot assembly, design philosophy, demand or numbers sold and quality peaked at the same time. They are the cars that probably have the balance of all things. My first Audi was nearly 20 years ago and at that time there were not that many on the roads so exclusiveness was definitely there. I still have it and it's still a great car. In the last 20 years, Audi have expanded in Australia to the extent that in my area it is hard to not see one or more Audi in every traffic stream. They are now as common as GMH / Ford were only recently. Huge increase in numbers here and throughout Asia so many more sold. Technology advances have doubled available power in many models and as the car is more often seen as an appliance, design has become very now, ensuring that it will stand out as dated in a year or so.

    My non Audi friends still consider the B5 as a classic design and I'm inclined to agree. Lets be honest, it had / has it's issues and the improvements in a new car are enormous. Whether they will still be with us in 20 years time is another matter though. They are a consumer item and the manufacturer hopes they are also disposable.

    Still, I feel that while we need a few people to keep the older models up and running as a valid point of comparison, we also need new car buyers to keep the flow. I find it interesting that genuine long term car enthusiasts are thin on the ground now, a dying breed perhaps. What does interest me is that when someone gets the bug, they might drive a new performance car but the one that lights the fire is some older car with limited performance by today's standards. Why is it so?
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    My non Audi friends still consider the B5 as a classic design and I'm inclined to agree.[/QUOTE]
    I couldnít agree more. Itís the B5 that made me want an Audi in the first place. Nicely commented. I am a little torn between old and new, but my reflections still ring true for me.

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    you're probably in the wrong class category for luxury.

    The S3/A3 chassis is an MQB platform now which is as you put it a mass produced product.

    If you want something more luxury in the Audi camp the A8/A6/A5/A4 are much more prestige alternatives. Personally Luxury and Sport are two different sides of a coin... yes you can have some performance with a luxe car but if what you are after is lux, ride comfort, quietness and what, not a sports model is not for you as its a different character/beast/sensation. Same goes with Mercedes the S/E class is more their premium luxury models.
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