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Thread: S3 FL DSG Issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawrage View Post
    DSG's can be very awkward in gears 1 and 2, especially when cold. Am onto my third DSG car and they all jerk and thud in gears 1 and 2, both going from 1 -> 2 and from 2 -> 1.

    Are you able to do a recording of this, I assume you can hear this thud as well, not just feel it in your foot?
    I’ll try record this weekend.. hopefully it comes through on video. you can definitely hear and feel it through the whole car, especially under the seat... this is not a ‘normal’ rough gear change..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGS3 View Post
    Had this in the MY16 S3 on cold starts only, and moderate rpm in 1st to 2nd....was a reminder to stop being a tool until I had some heat in the box

    Haven't noticed this with the RS yet as I'm letting the car warm up before driving, enough that the gearbox is definitely not stone cold, it shifts as well as expected given it's not the smoothest box dawdling around in Dynamic and 'S'.....just Dynamic and 'D' is silky smooth.

    Given you get it across the board suggest a line pressure issue, but I would have thought it would flag a check light.
    letting the car to warm up is a must in my opinion

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