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Thread: new pads and disc @ 30,000 km??

  1. Default new pads and disc @ 30,000 km??

    Hi folks.
    i just had my SQ7 serviced and the audi guy told me that i need new pads. Ok that fine, he said there were 5000kms left - all good. But what he said next really surprised me, he said that the disc and pads were designed to work together and that i need 4 new discs as well. All up $5000 !!! wtf !!!

    anyone else (esp SQ7 owners) experienced this?

    i think his just trying to pull one over me.

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    Best if you check out the RS3 disc brake sagas mentioned copiously in here, rather than repeat all the comments. The rotors have a minimum thickness, stamped on the bell, and at that they need replacing otherwise you aren't roadworthy. Of course you need to skim the rotors when replacing pads anyway so valuable thickness lost. The Audi guy may not have explained the situation as clearly as necessary.

    It's a sore point for many due to a particular design philosophy employed by VAG. Choices, replace with OEM or aftermarket. Huge range of opinions on whats best and not all opinions are empirical.
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    A lot of people on thi site donít know that you donít need to go to an Audi dealership to Service or anything else for that matter. You will not lose your warranty if you go elsewhere as long as they use genuine parts.
    My friend and mechanic did my Discs and Pads on my SQ5 after Audi Quoted me roughly $5000. Paid $2200 for the lot.
    Everything perfect after 3000-4000km in. Heís in Marrickville, honest and top mechanic if you need contact details PM me.

    On another note, I needed new Top and Bottom control arms as mine are starting to creak and make noise. He rang Audi for part numbers then rang VW with the exact same numbers for 1/2 the price! This is the sort of mechanic you need when it comes to Audi. Because itís a premium brand they Rort you for the same exact item.
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    Since selling my 2017 RSQ3 Performance I now have a set of front and rear rotors (rear includes EBC Red Stuff pads) for sale at under half RRP plus a brand new set of Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 tyres in 245/35/ZR19 (see photo) also at half price.


    Brakes as follows:

    Audi OEM 365MM Front Brake Rotors 8U0615301B
    EBC RDA dimpled and slotted rotors plus EBC Red Stuff ceramic pads (RDA7384D).
    Note the rear rotors are not OEM but are equivalent quality replacements and include Red Stuff pads.
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