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Thread: RS4 B7 Clunking between 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd

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    Default RS4 B7 Clunking between 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd

    Quote Originally Posted by demon8991 View Post
    Thanks for all the feedback really appreciate the help.

    I just spoke with Mike at Prestige and Performance and explained everything that I have said here and he said he would start with a Gearbox Oil change especially as it hasn't been done in the last four years at the very least.

    When I asked what oil would he use he said Penrite Pro Gear Oil which is the one i listed on here. What exactly is wrong with this oil and why wouldn't you use it?
    No problem. Hit the Thanks button.

    Glad to hear you got hold of Mike. He has been doing RS4s for years & knows the common issues that may pop up.

    New gearbox oil should make a difference, especially if it hasnít been changed & I would say that might be the case, otherwise i would then move onto clutch then syncros in that order.

    Check the clutch & see if the clutch pedal gets stuck halfway from floor on return. Thatís a good sign that it may be on the way out. Look through your service history & see if itís been done.

    I personally use the liqui moly oils in the car, but in saying that Iím about to use Motul 300 in the rear diff as I have an LSD going in soon and that is what was recommended with it. I know Motul is great as well use it in a KTM 350 so no issues there.

    If your happy with Penrite & it meets spec, go for it.

    Let us know how you go with the oil change, I hope it improves your shift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IchBautAuto View Post

    I talk about cost, from experience. A B5 RS4 circa $40,000 when I bought 5 odd years ago. Then another $40,000 invested in parts, so call me when you get to that stage. I think I qualify to mention it. You've capitalized "FREE", assuming that is an emphasis. Lesson in life, you get what you pay for. I think that you're doing well actually. The info you've received from all is pretty good, given freely and some time and effort has gone into typing it in. All for nothing other than people attempting to provide the help that you seek.
    Just on that, Iím not a mechanic but I do enjoy working on my own car & have done so for many years including all the previous ones before it. If I donít require a hoist Iíll do it myself.

    Iíve had a B7 Rs4 going on 11 years now & have received help from many forum members over the years, Alister in particular in the beginning when he also had one. Iím happy to pay it forward so to speak.

    I think Iíve seen most of the issues that these cars have over the years & am more than happy to help.

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    How did you go?

    Oil change done?

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    Hey mate, I have held off for the time being however it is still on my radar to do.

    So much conflicting information has baffled me to be honest, I had a road worthy done on one of my other cars and the guy that did was an Audi mechanic for 7 years and he said there Audi doesn't recommend doing it as there is a compound in the gearbox that is put in when the car is made and it requires a very specific amount so can never be topped up as it never fully comes out, too much of it is bad and too little of it isn't great either.

    If I do the work i'll be grabbing some of that Red Line oil I think from Super Cheap.
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