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Thread: Audi-less Noob - Researching MY13/14/15 SQ5's

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    Default Audi-less Noob - Researching MY13/14/15 SQ5's

    Hi All,

    Looking to buy an SQ5 in the next few months so just doing some research.

    I can't see a great deal of difference in the styling between MY13/14/15.. or many differences at all. Is anyone able to shed any light on why I might choose one over another?

    Cheers and thanks for having me!


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    There is very little to differentiate the various 8R SQ5s. Later cars got a small hike in power, and an SQ5 Plus was made available. There was fairly likely minor spec changes by the end (such as DAB radio) but nothing that would be a deal breaker in 3-5 year old cars.

    FWIW there was also a launch edition in the first batch which had a number of desirable options bundled in.

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